CF A'Hoy! Samantha's message to Conservative Future.

Eastern Conservative Future Chair' candidate, Samantha Hoy, spoke with tBg today and has a real, strong and EXCLUSIVE grass-roots message for CF members.

Hoy is the youngest Councillor on Wisbech Town Council, Cambridgeshire County Council and Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Fire Authority.

Samantha Hoy was born in Hertfordshire to a single mother on a council estate but she didn’t blame anyone else for her situation, Samantha explains... "She (Mum) got up and did something about it she got herself to night school then trained to be a nurse, bought her house under the right to buy, got married and ensured I got a good education. This is what made me a Conservative, because I believe that regardless of background to be a Conservative you need to have aspirations, responsibility and a firm belief in hard work. I firmly believe the only glass ceiling that exists is one you create for yourself.

I moved to Norfolk with my parents 8 years ago but for the last 5 years have been living in Cambridgeshire. I knew young people in this area were interested in politics they just didn’t necessarily realise it, so I thought that if I made it relevant to them they would be interested. Because of this I set up Fenland Conservative Future from scratch and have been Chair for 2 of the 4 years we have been running. My main aim was to make politics relevant and fun to attract as many as possible and our fundraising events always encompass this, we had a pizza and politics night where we had our MP talk to us and gave away free pizza, well over 100 people turned up and many joined as a result and our last two fundraisers were a karaoke and a “Zombie night” which attracted many and raised over £300 for our association.

So why am I standing for Regional Chair? Because I want to ensure CF candidates are helped at all levels of Council and Government, we aren’t just boots on the ground to deliver leaflets-each and every one of you is capable of being a councillor yet we still have a lack of young councillors. I will fight to make sure we have a strong voice at Constituency level and nationally, the grassroots always have and always will be important. I also want to make politics fun to bring in as many people as we can and I will ensure that I hold the events in the East as it will bring us closer together as a region.

To win again in 2015 we must build our branches, open new ones and offer as much support as necessary to the fantastic ones already in existence, I feel I can do this so please support me for Eastern Regional Chair."