And they're off.

Conservative Future Chairman, Ben Howlett, has cut the ribbon and the race has begun among CF members to decide their new leadership.

Ben said: "Over the coming weeks Conservative Future will be holding elections to decide who members wish to be their new National Chairman, National Executive and Regional Chairmen."

Howlett stormed to victory in 2010 with a landslide victory. It is discussed in the CF ranks that the Howlett era has been a great success. More of the same seems to be the cry. There are however some members whom want to take CF on other, more right-wing agendas.

One tanked-up CF'er told tBg, "Howlett has been great at organising CF campaigns across the country. The CF website is always up-to-date with these events, allowing for easier national communication." tBg couldn't believe his ears. Such a concise answer from a sozzled 19 year old. There is a future yet for Conservatives.

You can follow Ben Howlett on Twitter; @benhowlettcf