Gossiptory says only unity will defeat Howlett.

High-brow publication and top blog gosspitory has called on Tory Youth Chairman candidates, McDonough and Southworth, to stop attacking each other and unite to defeat the "omnipresent Ben Howlett".

In a sensational article, one of its editors states: "My advice to Nick and Dom would be to stop fighting between yourselves, recognise the fact that by fighting between yourselves you’re both fighting for second place and form a united consensus before polls close on 12th December."

It is rumored that the McDonough camp have approached Southworth and his team to see if a coalition is possible.

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Hoffman to challenge elitism.

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McDonough party dance off challenge.

Dominic McDonough has sensationally revealed that he will challenge members to a dance off at this years Conservative Future Christmas party.

Dom says: "Talk has been circulating about a dance-off at the CF Christmas Party. I am happy to announce that I will be doing this".

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Dom announces CFTV return.

This blog can announce that Conservative Future Chairman candidate, Dominic McDonough, has released his manifesto in full. In a meaty, thoughtful and dynamic publication Dom says he wants to see, "...an easy way to get our information across to a huge audience". Dom wants to launch a monthly newsletter and has announced the return of CFTV.

"We live in an internet generation. We need to take advantage of social media.
That is why im announcing the return of CFTV. An iPhone or Blackberry is all a branch needs to publicise their latest canvassing stint or their latest social. Keeping the whole CF family informed and gaining publicity at the same time.

I would also like to announce the creation of a monthly online newsletter. This will be sent to every email account as well as being available on the CF website as a download. This will include branch news, articles, reviews, questions to the chairman and interviews with MPs, MEPs and business leaders."

McDonough goes on to tell tBg "Mine is the only manifesto that secures the long term future of CF. I really want to give something back to our loyal members and make sure we are attracting new members from all backgrounds.

I also want to make CF a real force in politics that stands up for the concerns of young Conservatives in this coalition government. Over the past 12 months we have been too weak on many issues. Under my leadership CF would be strong, speaking out, campaigning for a Conservative majority while standing up to the other parties and student unions while holding Labour to account.

If you want real change in CF and an organisation that will be stronger for you then vote for me. Its as simple as that."

Dominic McDonough 2011 Manifesto:

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Sarah-Jane launches first vid.

CF Deputy (Membership) candidate and tBg's pick, Sarah-Jane Sewell, has launched her first campiagn video. Sarah has maintained her momentum this week after top publication, London Spin, reported that Greater Manchester CF is backing her campaign. After Ellie Howard sensationally quit the race, Sarah-Jane looks set for the top job.

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Dom wants CF action on strikes.

Conservative Future Chairman candidate, Dominic McDonough, has made a statement on todays industrial action by public sector workers. He calls the Unions, "bully boys", and wants CF to stand up to them.

"I would like to condemn the strikes that are trying to take Britain back to the dark days of the 1970s. Up and down the country we have seen strikes taking place today while the government still trys to negotiate.

The offer on the table is an offer that anyone in the private sector would kill for. It still gives public sector workers a very generous pension plan while making it more affordable for an already overburdened tax payer.

CF must speak out against these strikes orchestrated by union bully boys desperate to justify their huge wage packets and wanting to push around the government & tax payer.

Is it time for CF to take a more hands on approach to standing up to the unions? Perhaps

Today I have spoken to many people who are on strike, but not because they believe in the cause, many are very happy with the pension plans, but because they have been strong armed by these union leaders who are desperate to strike at all cost."

Hoff is top.

Stephen Hoffman has some seriously cool friends.

Shapland in CF racism taunt.

Former Liberal Youth Chairman, Martin Shapland, has accused Conservative Future candidates of being in a state of radio silence about their organisations' behaviour.

In an 'Open Letter to Conservative Future Candidates' on his blog, Shapland attacks CF candidates for not speaking out against burning of effigy's and "toasting racial apartheid".

Shapland states: "I used to run your rivals in the Lib Dems. If I had been in post and one of our branches had toasted racism and burnt our ally on a bonfire I would have suspended the branch and referred the matter for immediate disciplinary action".

The former Liberal Youth Chairman sensationally goes on to say: "Racism of this nature – and the vilification of Nelson Mandela, is the reason Norman Tebbit – that well know bastion of Liberalism – shut your forerunners down in the 80′s.

Your silence in this matter speaks volumes."

tBg wonders if any candidate will pick up the baton on this one.

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Jobs first for CF.

Conservative Future Chairman candidate, Dominic McDonough, has announced that he will create a CF Jobs database if elected. Dom says he will work with various MPs, think-tanks and business to make sure that CF get to hear about the best jobs first.

Dom says: "These experts will also offer help, advice & training to members, improving their CVs and offering internships. This will make CF more attractive to new members and gain others. It will also assist members on their career path.

CF should be following its members through the journey to a long term career. We must offer training and assistance to make sure they can stand their ground on campuses and in debates around the country, then make sure they are well placed to get the careers they want."

tBg thinks this is ground-breaking thought and vision for CF, in an era when such a policy could be a vote winner. It is becoming clear the Dominic McDonough is not more of the same and is bringing a fresh aspect to what Conservative Future can achieve for its members.

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Hoffman detests the EU.

In an exclusive interview with tBg, Tory Youth candidate for Deputy Chairman (Political), Stephen Hoffman, says that; "in the last couple of days I've ratcheted up my campaign a couple of notches. Today I did this through engaging in a debate that is on everyone's lips- the EU."

In an honestly blunt statement on his website, Stephen says: "I too wish I didn’t have to go on about Europe all the time, but whether its trade, international aid, the welfare state, pensions, regulations, the cost of living, immigration or small business, the EU’s grubby hands can be seen everywhere. It’s also important to note that the EU and Europe are not the same. I love Europe I just detest the EU and all it stands for."

The Hoff told tBg that; "To all those like me who are feeling a bit blue to the winter warmer, I want to make you smile with a vibrant blog and some music that will make you feel right at home." Here it is!

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Howletts' before and after.

Ben Howletts success as Conservative Future Chairman can not be denied. Indeed he has seen over a huge rise in membership, social events and a greater organisation of CF. He now wants a second term.

Howlett released his Manifesto this week, it includes achievements and aims for the future such as creating a Conservative Group on the NUS. tBg thinks this is a key policy of Ben's Conservative influence on the NUS is vital if it is to stop being the leftist, mockery of student thought and violence mongering organisation it currently is.

The question is still, can Ben be defeated after a year of improvements. Bens' aims for the future are pretty vague and tBg would like him to expand on one or two things - the re-structure of the National Exec' and how he can "Empower more members across the UK and making CF more fun". LOL?

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Southworth lands blow to McDonoughs' CF rewards.

CF Chairman candidate, Nick Southworth, has today lambasted Dominic McDonoughs' policy of CF discounts saying it is his policy, first. Nick claims he announced the idea over SIX days ago. Nicks team says McDonough might as well join their team in the battle for Conservative Future.

In a jovial statement to tBg Southworth said: "I have to say I am flattered by the release by fellow contender Dominic McDonough on tBg, (That is) the idea of the CF Discount card, given that I released the very same idea not some six days ago in my first policy release. They do say that imitation is the highest form of flattery.

I am pleased that the ideas which my team and I have brought to this election have been so adopted, as this can only serve to be a positive thing for the membership. I will also take this as a tacit endorsement of my vision for Conservative Future. I can guarantee the membership that my plans have lead to the beginning of informal talks with contacts at Groupon who are advising further, in an effort to turn this vision into a national reality."

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Pompey and Huston back Sarah-Jane Sewell.

Portsmouth Conservative Future and Alex Huston, Area Chairman for Belfast & Antrim and NICF Deputy Chairman (Best Practice), have thrown their weight behind Tory Youth deputy candidate Sarah-Jane Sewell.

In an exclusive statement to tBg Chairman of both University of Portsmouth CF and City of Portsmouth CF, Luke Franks, said: "It is with great pride and happiness that I would love to endorse Sarah-Jane Sewell for the position of Deputy Chairman (Membership) in the National Executive of Conservative Future.

Despite never having met Sarah-Jane she has proven locally that she was born to lead and represent CF into the future whilst her political beliefs and policies have been met with complete agreement in Portsmouth.

University of Portsmouth CF and City of Portsmouth CF would therefore like to endorse and support Sarah-Jane in her campaign and hope wholeheartedly that she wins the position to kick start some much needed change into the National Executive of Conservative Future."

Area Chairman for Belfast & Antrim and NICF Deputy Chairman, Alex Huston, told tBg that he thinks "...Sarah-Jane is perfect for the role and will one day be at the top of the Party."

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Dom's CF rewards.

tBg can reveal that Conservative Future Chairman candidate, Dominic McDonough, is currently in negotiations with a number of national retailers and leisure companies. Through these negotiations he is hoping to deliver savings on goods and services for all CF members.

This is part of Dominic’s manifesto as he believes it will be a key area to gain and retain members from all backgrounds & areas.

Dominic spoke with tBg and had this to say: "This could be something special for CF. We see the NUS with money off deals, why not CF? We have a massive membership that is attractive to businesses across the country. Why not exploit that strength to give the members something back? This is just a small part of my plan to make CF more attractive as well as giving young people a real incentive to join the party. This really could reward them for the loyalty and the hard work they do."

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Lincolnshire CF backs Sarah-Jane Sewell as Howard backs down.

tBg can exclusivly reveal that Lincolnshire CF have sensationally backed Sarah-Jane Sewell to become the next Conservative Future Deputy Chair' (Membership).

In a statement to tBg The Lincolnshire Conservative Future team said: "We are proud to support our esteemed Area Secretary and Vice Chairman (Communications), Miss Sarah-Jane Sewell in her election for National CF Deputy Chairman (Membership).

We have all known and worked with Sarah-Jane for much of her career in Conservative Future. We have seen first hand her hard work and dedication establishing her Branch in South Holland & the Deepings, and her determination in furthering the causes and campaigns of her Branch and the Lincolnshire Area.

It is an honour on the part of us all to commend Sarah-Jane as an outstanding candidate for this position. We are in no doubt that National CF would benefit tremendously from her diligence, drive, and organisation as we have done to a great extent here in Lincolnshire."

Ellie Howard quit the race for Deputy today according to London Spin. One CF'er told tBg that Howard was "...Positively shaking in her boots at the prospect of facing Sarah-Jane at the ballot".

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The Hoff in London.

Deputy Chairman (Political) candidate Stephen Hoffmans' campaign stepped up a notch today, with a visit to Hertfordshire and London. Stephen will be holding informal drinks and debates across Hertfordshire and London tomorrow as well as attending "Tory Boy" the movie.

Today in an interview with tBg Hoffman said: "It's all about reaching out to those from across the Conservative Party who have felt ignored in the past. Its time that we talked about real reform of Conservative Future then tinkering around the edges, which will get us and more importantly our members precisely nowhere."

"I will be going across the country the next few weeks to speak to as many people as possible and will be visiting Yorkshire and the North East this week and will be attempting to visit Wales next week. Whilst I won't be able to visit everywhere, rest assured if elected I will work tirelessly for everyone's interests and not my personal ego".

If you have any questions or would like to hold informal hustings with Stephen Hoffman, or just want to meet over a discussion and a pint, you can contact him on stephen.hoffman@hotmail.co.uk

You can follow Stephen on; Twitter.

Hilley retires from front-line.

Clare Hilley, Conservative Future's current Deputy Chair', has announced that she wants a new generation of activists to take the lead.

In a column on the popular news site London Spin, Clare said: "...People ask me why I have decided not to stand again, the answer is simple. After being involved with CF for over 13 years I believe that it’s time for a new generation of activists to step up to the mark, and take our organisation forward to even greater achievements".

Clare will be missed at the forefront of Conservative Future politics after a blistering career spanning over a decade. It has included eye catching stunts such as starring on BBC One's Survivor, and still gains support for the CF top job from the Prime Minister.

Don Dom.

Conservative Future Chairman Candidate, Dominic McDonough, has announced that he will be kicking off his tour of CF branches in Leeds on Friday. He says he is keen to meet as many members as possible to speak to them about their concerns, their ideas and to receive their questions.

Dominic told tBg "My campaign is all about listening to CF as a whole and seeing what we can do for our members. They are our greatest resource. I feel that ordinary members such as myself have been ignored over the last year in favour of blindly towing the CCHQ line. This has to change.

I’m sorry I can’t visit more branches than I am going to but I do intend to call as many branches as possible and I hope every member is aware that I am just a call/email away if they have any questions, suggestions or just want a good chat.

I’m aware that Ben is off around the country and good luck to him, but I would say that he didn’t listen to members last time he went around the country, why will now be any different?

If you want real change and a Chairman who stands up for you then I’m your man"

Dominic has to see off the incumbent, Ben Howlett, if he wants the top job. Rumours are circulating that Dominic has received an endorsement from a left wing personality outside of CF.

Top activist Shane Moore and the North East.

EXCLUSIVE: Shane Moore, the current Hartlepool CF Chairman and is standing as a candidate, for the position of North East Regional Chairman, in the coming Conservative Future election.

Shane is a well know political figure in Hartlepool and is considered ferocious by his opponents. Shane's achievements include:

- Formed Hartlepool Conservative Future

- Launched a campaign which is on course to call for a referendum on the position of the directly-elected Mayor of Hartlepool next year

-Shane has been selected to fight the most winnable marginal seats in the 2012 local elections.

tBg met with Shane in a Hartlepool boozer as tBg had never heard of him before and was very intrigued. Shane was born into a working-class, Labour-supporting family in the North East. Shane first dipped his toe into the world of politics during the 2010 General Election helping Conservative candidate James Wharton snatch Stockton South from Labour dinosaur, Dari Taylor - and he did.

Shane told tBg: "I have a very driven aim to change the 'I vote Labour because my Dad does' mentality in the North East which, let’s face it, is going to be no easy task."

"However, I firmly believe that Conservative Future is the perfect tool for this job and we should take the leading role in pulling down Labour’s North Eastern fortress brick, by brick."

Supporting his campaign is Co-Chairman of South Tees Conservative Future, Cameron Brown, who knows too well Labour’s domination in the North East, especially in the town of Middlesbrough.

Brown: "The current problem with Conservative Future in the North East is that it’s too centralised around Newcastle and Durham."

"Shane brings to the table a new perspective from Teesside."

If elected, Shane told tBg he wants the North East CF branches to campaign on the following issues:

1. University fees – Getting the facts across to prospective students.

2. Cleaning up politics – Keeping a watchful eye on our town halls and being the voice of honesty.

3. Buy local – Helping to support local small businesses and our high streets through a Buy Local campaign.

4. Local health projects – Supporting the government’s plans to shift focus onto early intervention and preventative measures by working with local NHS on awareness campaigns.

5. The Big Society – CF should be taking a leading role in showing what can be done.

Finally Shane added: "I would like to think that I am a hard working and straight talking kind of guy who would rather be out campaigning in the rain making sure our message is heard than sat in the warm talking it (that can be done afterwards in the pub)".

You can follow Shane on Twitter; @smooreuk

CF A'Hoy! Samantha's message to Conservative Future.

Eastern Conservative Future Chair' candidate, Samantha Hoy, spoke with tBg today and has a real, strong and EXCLUSIVE grass-roots message for CF members.

Hoy is the youngest Councillor on Wisbech Town Council, Cambridgeshire County Council and Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Fire Authority.

Samantha Hoy was born in Hertfordshire to a single mother on a council estate but she didn’t blame anyone else for her situation, Samantha explains... "She (Mum) got up and did something about it she got herself to night school then trained to be a nurse, bought her house under the right to buy, got married and ensured I got a good education. This is what made me a Conservative, because I believe that regardless of background to be a Conservative you need to have aspirations, responsibility and a firm belief in hard work. I firmly believe the only glass ceiling that exists is one you create for yourself.

I moved to Norfolk with my parents 8 years ago but for the last 5 years have been living in Cambridgeshire. I knew young people in this area were interested in politics they just didn’t necessarily realise it, so I thought that if I made it relevant to them they would be interested. Because of this I set up Fenland Conservative Future from scratch and have been Chair for 2 of the 4 years we have been running. My main aim was to make politics relevant and fun to attract as many as possible and our fundraising events always encompass this, we had a pizza and politics night where we had our MP talk to us and gave away free pizza, well over 100 people turned up and many joined as a result and our last two fundraisers were a karaoke and a “Zombie night” which attracted many and raised over £300 for our association.

So why am I standing for Regional Chair? Because I want to ensure CF candidates are helped at all levels of Council and Government, we aren’t just boots on the ground to deliver leaflets-each and every one of you is capable of being a councillor yet we still have a lack of young councillors. I will fight to make sure we have a strong voice at Constituency level and nationally, the grassroots always have and always will be important. I also want to make politics fun to bring in as many people as we can and I will ensure that I hold the events in the East as it will bring us closer together as a region.

To win again in 2015 we must build our branches, open new ones and offer as much support as necessary to the fantastic ones already in existence, I feel I can do this so please support me for Eastern Regional Chair."

EXCLUSIVE: Chairman Candidate Nick Southworth speaks to tBg.

Conservative Future candidate for National Chairman, Nick Southworth, has today released his first FIVE policies to tBg. Nick was in a very relaxed attitude and told tBg: "Here are the first five. I will be releasing more as the campaign goes on. Quite simply I want CF to be the best platform ever provided for young conservatives. My policies are ambitious but essential if as a group we are to become a mature, unified and powerful force. Enjoy."

Nicks first five policies:

1. CF elections should be moved to the conservative party conference. More people will get to meet the candidates and we can hold a live webcast hustings for everyone nationwide to watch. People should be allowed to make an informed decision. Currently people running for a position as chairman or on the national executive know that to win you have to travel across the country to meet the branches and universities which make up our membership. For many excellent candidates this is too expensive, and a block against standing.

2. CF is about ideas and opinions. That we have no national debating competition and no online forum to meet others and express opinions is therefore the antithesis to what we should be. Yes people say that online discussions can lead to embarrassment for the party potentially, but we need this outlet. If the party can’t trust us to have mature and sensible debates, how can we trust the party? Debate, debate, debate. Ideas and opinion are what make us the future, I want to see more inter-branch debating, regional debating competitions, leading to a national debating competition at either the spring forum or national conference. London Conservative Future have lead the way with their recent highly successful London Wide great debate competition, and it’s time to follow their lead.

3. What does CF offer to you? Why should normal people join? Beyond the political CF doesn’t offer enough to its members. I want membership to mean something. In the South West to high effect they have negotiated discounts, VIP entry and a host of other benefits which give CF currency. If you want to expand membership, expand what your offering.

4. More openness. If you elect me, I want to know when you think I’m doing a bad job. I don’t want back biting, I don’t want grumbling, I want productive discourse. Furthermore If the Chairman is doing terribly, there should be a right to recall. Find two hundred members who want a recall, and the Chairman must resign and either fight again or leave. Accountability is the key and a similar model must be created for regional and local chairs.

5. The CF Trust and CF Social Hub. My Great Aunt is in her 90’s, she still campaigns and was asked to stand as a councillor only a few years ago. She joined the conservatives when she was 14 years old, because they were the only place near her which had a ping pong table. These basic attractions have not changed. Right now CF is criticised for lacking a soul. I propose the most radical concept in CF history. The establishment of the CF Trust with the long term ambition of the creation of the CF Social Hubs, properties held by CF for CF so we can have a tangible heart. All money will go into the CF Trust, and every regional chairman, and one chairman for universities will be appointed trustees controlling how this money is spent. The money will be accessible for all regions to apply for. This way we can bring power to our northern regions bringing them closer to the heart of CF, as well as bringing our universities into the fold. This will also gives weaker regions the chance to access funds to help them grow and develop in areas where money shortages are a problem.

Nick said: "The ultimate aim of the CF Trust is the establishment of the CF Social Hub. The senior party has CCHQ, other affiliated Tory groups have the Carlton Club, the Commonwealth Club etc we need our own. This will become our social home, and I want in the long distance, every major area with a large conservative membership to have one and to aspire to have one. This is not a short term project, we must fundraise, we must meet donors, conservative business owners, entrepreneurs, anyone who can help. This requires an immense effort from every young conservative to make this a reality. The social hubs will serve as a focus for our movement, hosting televised debates, socials, networking events and guest speakers.

There will be no costly membership fees which price people out, there will be no swindling of members through high bar costs, they are for all our members. If possible these hubs will have accommodation, and if you’re visiting an area with a CF hub then you have the option to spend a cheaper night there than at a hotel. They will become our mecca of political thought, where we can remember our history and mould our future through ideas. This is a big idea, but it is an exciting idea, the sign of a maturing society thinking bigger and better than ever before.

Within conservative future we have the talent and ingenuity to make this our reality, to overcome the myriad of obstacles which face us, and so I put this and the CF Trust as my keystone policies to all of you."

Nick added: "I want your ideas. How can we make CF better for you. Throughout my campaign we will be releasing more policies so watch this space."

You can follow Nick on Twitter; @Nic_Southworth

EXCLUSIVE: Vote Sarah-Jane Sewell for Deputy Chair' (Membership).

tBg is backing Sarah-Jane Sewell for Conservative Future Deputy Chair' (Membership). She is a driven, bright rising star and is the first elected Chair' of the South Holland and Deepings Conservative Future branch in the East Midlands. Sarah-Jane is the founder of the highly successful constituency branch which were highlighted and praised on stage at Party conference this year.

tBg spoke with Sarah and she had this to say: "It is our duty collectively, as every single member of Conservative Future, to once again engage young people in party politics. By setting ambitions aside and pulling together as a team, all of us can bring Conservative Future in the UK, into the Future. We are the future, and we are all in this together."

Following the East Midlands Region AGM in October 2011, the Chairman offered Sarah-Jane the position of Vice-chairman for Social Action, which she was delighted to accept.

In July, Sarah-Jane along with her branch organised a highly successful social action project called "The Big Tidy Up". Over the next year, she aims for this project to continue throughout her constituency and indeed the region. She and her Deputy are also planning a Duke of Edinburgh award style expedition around Rutland Water, in aid of Sue Ryder Care and Macmillan Cancer.

Sarah has announced her FIVE top policies to tBg, here they are:

1. I aim to have the national executive reach out to all areas of the UK, no matter how rural or urban, each and every member counts. Conservative Future should not be solely centred in London, for everyone to benefit, the national executive should be more mobile.

2. Membership could be doubled within the next year, which includes supporting failing Branches and creating new branches in constituencies where there is currently nothing. We should aim to recruit new members and also aim to welcome back members who have perhaps defected or chosen not to renew their membership.

3. We must continue to reengage young people in politics, breaking the stereotype whilst encouraging traditional conservative moral beliefs.

4. I aim to encourage other young individuals to achieve their full potential and see that the sky has no limits. With hard work, dedication, enthusiasm and passion, self-determination and collective responsibility, young people both inside and outside of the party can put their country first to achieve freedom and democracy, the Conservative way.

5. Encouragement of teamwork, between Branches, between Areas and Between regions as well as vertically is imperative. We are all the Future, and the future is bright, but we must pull together in a mature manner to support each other within Conservative Future, and within the Conservative Party as a whole. Through Social-action projects, and actively bringing together young people formally and informally into conservative politics, a successful year, and indeed future lays ahead.

You can follow Sarah on Twitter; @sarahjanesewell

Raja's Movember.

Top Human Rights activist and former CF Welsh Chairman candidate, Zahid Raja, is sporting a fine goatee 15 days in to Movember. There has been rumours Raja may return to the CF fold for a second crack at the Welsh top job.

You can support Movember and the battle against male cancer by making a donation.

You can follow Zahid on Twitter; @RajaDoc

The Howlett/Howard ticket.

Conservative Future elections are clouded in controversy tonight as Chairman Ben Howlett has been accused of vetting candidates that are set to stand.

tBg can reveal Howlett met with new Deputy Conservative Future Chair' candidate, Ellie Howard, just days before her announcement today to stand for Deputy CF Chair' (Membership) and OK'd her for the candidacy role.

In unquestionably factual emails received in tBg's inbox, Howlett has commented: "...(We) have a very exciting new name to introduce soon as DC Membership. She's very good, I('m) very impressed, pretty, intelligent, not been to uni, entrepreneurial."

It led to one CF'er asking if there was going to be a real choice in this election, "Who will step up and be the anti-Howlett candidate and tackle the status quo?".

You can follow Ellie Howard on Twitter; @e__howard

Howlett stands again.

Conservative Future Chairman Ben Howlett is set to stand for a second term.

Ben said: "As National Chairman for the past year I have led and presided over Conservative Future’s transformation. We have had the biggest Fresher’s Recruitment drive CF has ever seen and 95 new branches created, reaching 315+ in 2011. I cannot thank members enough for their hard work and dedication. It is on this basis that I have decided to restand as your National Chairman."

Ben told tBg that "There is still more to do"

Deputy and possible Chair' candidate Clare Hilley sent her good luck wishes to Ben on Facebook.

The announcement comes as tBg learns of a two contenders hoping to pip Howlett to the post. A female and a male candidate have apparently come forth in the past 48 hours whom Howlett will have to face-down, in what may be the greatest CF election in history.

You can follow Ben on Twitter @benhowlettcf

Osborne to break CF silence.

Conservative Future Deputy Chair', Clare Hilley, has this evening Tweeted; "Very excited that we've managed to secure George Osborne as a guest speaker @ConsFuture event- details coming soon...."

If Hilley manages this feat', and the Chancellor takes time out of saving the worlds economy to come and talk to CF members, could it be the beginning of her climb to the dizzy heights of Chairmanship?

You can follow Clare Hilley on Twitter; @ClareHilley

And they're off.

Conservative Future Chairman, Ben Howlett, has cut the ribbon and the race has begun among CF members to decide their new leadership.

Ben said: "Over the coming weeks Conservative Future will be holding elections to decide who members wish to be their new National Chairman, National Executive and Regional Chairmen."

Howlett stormed to victory in 2010 with a landslide victory. It is discussed in the CF ranks that the Howlett era has been a great success. More of the same seems to be the cry. There are however some members whom want to take CF on other, more right-wing agendas.

One tanked-up CF'er told tBg, "Howlett has been great at organising CF campaigns across the country. The CF website is always up-to-date with these events, allowing for easier national communication." tBg couldn't believe his ears. Such a concise answer from a sozzled 19 year old. There is a future yet for Conservatives.

You can follow Ben Howlett on Twitter; @benhowlettcf

Smallwood in Chairman bid.

It seems super CF'er, Peter Smallwood, has sensationally thrown his hat into the ring to become the next Conservative Future Chairman.

One CF'er said: "He's (Smallwood) clearly a Howlett fan whom wants to emulate his friend and continue his agenda".

tBg today approached Smallwood for comment. No comment.

You can follow Peter Smallwood on Twitter; @SmallwoodCorner