Tories quaffing champagne ban.

It seems pretty pointless that someone at CCHQ has to tell everybody else at Tory conference that drinking champagne should be kept discreet, as it gives out the wrong impression to voters.

The fact that Tories have to be told not to drink champagne just reinforces some stereotypes and defeats the purpose of the ban.

One Tory said: "We’re about to do the biggest cuts in a generation - can you imagine how bad it’ll look if it’s all pictures of grinning Tories knocking back champers? The message has been about getting down to business".

Lord Strathclyde has jumped on the bandwagon too and cancelled his traditional drinks reception calling it, "inappropriate" now the Party was in power. Tory MP Eric Pickles also said he wanted visitors to conference to look "humble"... What a load of tosh.

So no champagne again this year. tBg doesn't even like the stuff, give him a JD & Coke any time.