Osborne: We spend more on housing benefit than the police.

Chancellor George Osborne has given his conference speech in Birmingham this lunchtime lambasting the previous government saying, Labour has left Britain in an economic nightmare, again.

The Coalition are planning cuts to services and benefits, as well as having to introduce higher taxation on individuals and banks. Though, George Osborne says it is right to protect NHS spending. Osborne said that if left underfunded and unreformed the NHS would, "just get worse, and I didn't come into politics to see that happen"

The Chancellor also said Britain's welfare system keeps people down and constrained saying the "system traps millions into dependency". Osborne says the British people just want a fair society. To begin achieving this goal George Osborne said he will limit the total amount of benefits any one family can receive. A family on benefits will receive no more than an average family earns going out to work.

Higher rate tax payers (around £44,000 and above) will begin not to receive child benefit from 2013. Some higher rate taxpayers may moan that they pay so much tax, and get nothing in return. tBg supposes Osborne is sticking by that Tory tag-line, "We're all in this together".