National Executive Co-Op elections launched.

Conservative Future National Executive have launched a set of elections designed to find campaign co-ordinators to support the National Executive with campaigning, building membership, organising speakers, setting-up events and producing exciting communications.

When counting is over the three candidates with the highest votes will be elected.

You can email CF Chairman Ben Howlett stating that you would like to apply for the role. If you are interested you must provide the following details:

1. Name and contact details
2. Your association and when you last renewed your membership – ideally your membership number
3. A short biography of your experience
4. Why you think you would be a strong applicant to work on the National Executive
5. 5-10 bullet points on what you want to deliver as a member of the CF National Executive.

Applications are open as of 6pm Friday 29th October and will close 12 noon Monday 8th November.

Howlett said: "I will ensure all checks are made as to correct membership in accordance to rules set out in the constitution. Once all checks are made, you will then receive an email authorising your application. Your application email will be circulated to the Regional College and also the National Executive who will vote for you (1 member, 1 vote). They will have 10 days to vote for their favoured candidates."