Liberal Youth and MP slam Coalition on tuition fees.

Liberal Youth have slammed the Browne Review recommendations saying, "you can't build a future on debt".

Liberal Youth Chairman, Martin Shapland, went on to say: "This move has the potential to cripple students with unprecedented levels of debt which will act as a real deterrent to those from poorer backgrounds seeking a better life through the education system.

Higher Fees will not be acceptable to grassroots Lib Dems and, I imagine, most of the Parliamentary Party.

Liberal Youth will be standing shoulder to shoulder with students..."

This positioning comes as Lib Dem MP, Julian Huppert spluttered to Ekklesia.co.uk today: "I've been an anti-fees campaigner since I was an undergraduate. It's a pretty clear thing." Asked if this meant that he would vote against the government, Huppert said that he would certainly vote against them if they put forward the recommendations of the Browne Review.

Liberal Youth is now calling on Lib Dem MP’s to reject any motion which would raise student fees and will be moving an emergency motion at its conference in Manchester on the weekend of the 22nd October.