Howlett hails Super-Saturday success.

This coming weekend sees CF Super-Saturday being rolled out nationwide. Swindon will host Super-Saturday on the 23rd, at the same time Deputy Chair' Clare Hilley hosts a One Day Conference in Croydon. It seems this years national executive have really hit the ground running.

Over 40 CF'ers turned out to this past weekends Super-Saturday in Tower Hamlets.

CF Chairman Ben Howlett said: "Conservative Future is a campaigning force that can support the Conservative Party in its campaigning efforts nationwide. This month CF introduced a monthly campaigning and social Super-Saturday in London and the South West regions as experiments. The London event organised by London CF Regional Chairman Nick Clarke was a huge success with approx 40 CF members coming along to support the Tower Hamlet's Mayoral Campaign

I want this to be your chance to get involved. Following on from Nick's superb efforts this month Alexandra Swann and I are working with every region across the country to organise their November Super-Saturdays. These events will be held in each region on the first Saturday of the month, and will rotate around your region involving everyone. This is a great chance for each region to work as a part of national campaigns and events at a local level."

Details of the other Super-Saturday to be held this month:


Super-Saturday in Swindon – Saturday 23rd October at 11:00am

Meet: Tawny Owl Pub [Taw Hill, North Swindon, Wiltshire. SN25 1WR - just off Thamesdown Drive]

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