National Executive Co-Op elections launched.

Conservative Future National Executive have launched a set of elections designed to find campaign co-ordinators to support the National Executive with campaigning, building membership, organising speakers, setting-up events and producing exciting communications.

When counting is over the three candidates with the highest votes will be elected.

You can email CF Chairman Ben Howlett stating that you would like to apply for the role. If you are interested you must provide the following details:

1. Name and contact details
2. Your association and when you last renewed your membership – ideally your membership number
3. A short biography of your experience
4. Why you think you would be a strong applicant to work on the National Executive
5. 5-10 bullet points on what you want to deliver as a member of the CF National Executive.

Applications are open as of 6pm Friday 29th October and will close 12 noon Monday 8th November.

Howlett said: "I will ensure all checks are made as to correct membership in accordance to rules set out in the constitution. Once all checks are made, you will then receive an email authorising your application. Your application email will be circulated to the Regional College and also the National Executive who will vote for you (1 member, 1 vote). They will have 10 days to vote for their favoured candidates."

CF One-Day conference success.

This past Saturday South London was the host to CF One-Day conference, which attracted over 70 attendees. The audience listened to speeches from Ministers, a Secretary of State, a PPS and a newly elected MP.

Guests included Conservative Future members who had travelled from Birmingham and Suffolk to meet the speakers and network with other young Conservatives. The event attracted key speakers including Immigration Minister, Damian Green; Decentralisation Minister, Greg Clark; David Evenett; PPS to Michal Gove; Licensing Secretary, James Brokenshire and local Croydon Central MP Gavin Barwell. Delegates questioned speakers and spoke frankly about what policies they wanted to see from the party over the next few years.

Deputy Chair' for membership Clare Hilley said, "Thank you to our activists who attended and for those who joined us in the pub afterwards.". Clare organised the event and says the CF Executive are planning to hold another one before Christmas and several others in the first half on next year across the country.

Clare has asked Conservative Future members if they think that CF will be able to host a similar event in their region.

Members can contact Clare via email.

Livingstone calls on voters to use AV tactically.

This Thursday residents in Tower Hamlets will vote for the borough's first ever elected Mayor. Labour's candidate Lutfur Rahman was recently sacked after links with Islamic extremists were revealed. As a result Mr Rahman is now standing as an independent.

The election in Tower Hamlets is fought on the AV system and Ken Livingstone is supporting and campaigning with Rahman. Livingstone has been negatively encouraging non-Tory voters in Tower Hamlets to use their preference votes for Rahman to keep the Tories out.

Livingstone's actions are probably a precursor to what would actually happen in every election fought under AV rules.

Meanwhile, a bid to allow 16 and 17-year-olds to vote in next year's referendum on changing the voting system to AV, was defeated on Monday night.

MPs voted by 346 to 196 against lowering the voting age for the referendum on whether to replace the current first-past-the-post system with the alternative vote (AV). The Liberal Democrats are now under fire for not supporting the bid, after they called for the voting age to be lowered to 16 in their general election manifesto.

CF Chairman wants members elected to NUS.

CF Chairman Ben Howlett met with the National Union of Students (NUS) President, Aaron Porter, last night to discuss the Browne Review and a range of matters that are of concern to CF members. This evening Howlett has called upon CF members to get elected and work alongside the NUS in delivering a fair deal for students.

Ben said: "It is important that CF can have a dialogue with NUS as the majority of our members are students. I want to see CF on campuses across the country campaign against Students Unions that are wishing to squander student money to campaign against the cuts."

Toolkits are to become available across campuses, these will be accessible to all members that wish to run campaigns to get CF representatives elected to the NUS. It seems Ben has taken a leaf out of the recently defeated Welsh Chairman candidate Zahid Raja's book.

Read the full article.

Howlett hails Super-Saturday success.

This coming weekend sees CF Super-Saturday being rolled out nationwide. Swindon will host Super-Saturday on the 23rd, at the same time Deputy Chair' Clare Hilley hosts a One Day Conference in Croydon. It seems this years national executive have really hit the ground running.

Over 40 CF'ers turned out to this past weekends Super-Saturday in Tower Hamlets.

CF Chairman Ben Howlett said: "Conservative Future is a campaigning force that can support the Conservative Party in its campaigning efforts nationwide. This month CF introduced a monthly campaigning and social Super-Saturday in London and the South West regions as experiments. The London event organised by London CF Regional Chairman Nick Clarke was a huge success with approx 40 CF members coming along to support the Tower Hamlet's Mayoral Campaign

I want this to be your chance to get involved. Following on from Nick's superb efforts this month Alexandra Swann and I are working with every region across the country to organise their November Super-Saturdays. These events will be held in each region on the first Saturday of the month, and will rotate around your region involving everyone. This is a great chance for each region to work as a part of national campaigns and events at a local level."

Details of the other Super-Saturday to be held this month:


Super-Saturday in Swindon – Saturday 23rd October at 11:00am

Meet: Tawny Owl Pub [Taw Hill, North Swindon, Wiltshire. SN25 1WR - just off Thamesdown Drive]

Facebook group.

Liberal Youth and MP slam Coalition on tuition fees.

Liberal Youth have slammed the Browne Review recommendations saying, "you can't build a future on debt".

Liberal Youth Chairman, Martin Shapland, went on to say: "This move has the potential to cripple students with unprecedented levels of debt which will act as a real deterrent to those from poorer backgrounds seeking a better life through the education system.

Higher Fees will not be acceptable to grassroots Lib Dems and, I imagine, most of the Parliamentary Party.

Liberal Youth will be standing shoulder to shoulder with students..."

This positioning comes as Lib Dem MP, Julian Huppert spluttered to today: "I've been an anti-fees campaigner since I was an undergraduate. It's a pretty clear thing." Asked if this meant that he would vote against the government, Huppert said that he would certainly vote against them if they put forward the recommendations of the Browne Review.

Liberal Youth is now calling on Lib Dem MP’s to reject any motion which would raise student fees and will be moving an emergency motion at its conference in Manchester on the weekend of the 22nd October.

Conservative Future back unlimited tuition fees.

The Browne report was released today calling for the cap on tuition fees to be abolished and a free market introduced. Conservative Future Chairman Ben Howlett has backed the plans.

After attacking Labour failures in the education system, Ben said: "By removing the cap and still contributing a loan of up to £7000, the government now has an opportunity to create world class education institutions that allow markets to improve educational quality for students, that can compete against universities across the world and can create a progressive system of education that ensures the poorest in society will not be priced out of the market."

The report seeks to balance higher charges with support for poorer families. As now, students would not have to pay fees up-front, but would receive a loan. But they would not have to start repaying it until their earnings reached £21,000 per year, up from the current level of £15,000.

All students will be able to borrow £3,750 per year - and young people from families earning less than £25,000 will receive an additional grant of £3,250.

Ben said: "We must support the progressive moves within the proposals that protect the poorest in society, including:

The threshold of repayment being raised to £21k up from £15k as set by Labour.

Real interest rates on loans for better paid students.

Bringing in extra grants and loans for the poorest students.

This is an issue not to play politics with. These are difficult decisions being made in the national interest. The proposals present an opportunity to progressively revolutionise the higher education sector while protecting the poorest. With these proposals we will once again have world class institutions of higher education."

tBg thinks this is yet another massive swipe at already hard-hit middle England. There are also many things wrong with a 3.25k grant to those students from families earning under 25k. Family demographics are different from town to town, street to street, house to house. These changes in tuition fees will see capable British teenagers not going to university.

Education must be accessible to all, no matter how much money you have. It looks as if it'll be the middle classes not sending their children to university.

CCHQ censor CF Deputy Chair'.

Deputy Chair' for membership Clare Hilley today announced how she plans to overhaul the CF membership system. CCHQ says Clare's ideas and dissection of the CF system is "too controversial" for publication on the Conservative Future website.

Conservative Future had a turnout of 1% in last months election. This is a huge failing, in part due to the way members join CF, which ultimately means CCHQ doesn't not have a full database of members. It is also the failing of Clare's predecessor. Clare says she plans on hitting 10% under her tenure in next years election.

Clare said: "(The) current system has been in place for over ten years now and it is quite simply inadequate and unsatisfactory and I believe that a radical overhaul is necessary".

After consulting members, Clare points out four reasons why she believes CF had such an appalling turnout:

1) CF members were not aware that there was a CF election
2) CF members who wanted to vote did not receive a ballot paper
3) CF members who received a ballot paper did not feel the election was relevant to them thus did not vote.
4) CF members were not aware that they were part of CF so thought that the ballot paper that they received was not intended for them

Clare believes that these problems can be overcome by having a centralised database with all of our members on as we will be able to send frequent updates about CF activity in their area.

Clare went on to say: "The majority of CF members tend to ignore CF elections as they feel that it is not relevant to them as they are not at university and are young professionals. In order to change their perception we need to build upon our relationships with outside organisations like City Future, CWF, TRG, The Bow Group, CWO and other Conservative and conservative leaning organisations to provide the training and opportunities that our CF members need."

You can contact Clare with your views and opinions about these matters at

Read Clare's article in FULL

Hilley announces One Day Conference.

Working with Croydon local association, CF Deputy Chair' for membership Clare Hilley has organised a One Day Conference. The conference will take place on Saturday 23rd October.

Clare has secured two Ministers and two PPS's to speak as well as the local MP Gavin Barwell. Clare said, "David Evennett MP will be speaking. He is the Parliamentary Private Secretary to Michael Gove the Education Secretary, so it will be a great opportunity to question him on the tuition fee increase and the case for a graduate tax."

One Day Conference line up is as follows.

James Brokenshire - Member of Parliament for Old Bexley and Sidcup
Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Home Office)

The Rt Hon Mr Greg Clark MP - Member of Parliament for Tunbridge Wells
Minister for Communities & Local Government

David Evennett - Member of Parliament for Bexleyheath and Crayford
Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Secretary of State for Education

Damian Green - Member of Parliament for Ashford
Minister for Immigration

Gavin Barwell – Member of Parliament for Croydon Central

The conference will be held at Trinity School, Shirley Park, CROYDON, CR9 7AT.

Tickets: £16 Lunch, wine and raffle.
Further details: Tel. 020 8660 0491 or

PM David Cameron conference speech LIVE 2.30pm.

Wide support for new Tory child benefit rules.

A survey released moments ago by YouGov indicates wide support amongst the British people, that in principle the Tories have got it right on child benefit. 83% support the new rules and 15% oppose.

The Prime Minister may have tough a battle on his hands winning the argument that couples individually earning under £44,000, but over that amount when their earnings are combined will still receive child benefit.

There is also overwhelming support for a cap on the amount of benefits a family can receive. Under new Tory rules a family on benefits will never reach a higher income via the benefit system, than a family that goes out to work. Support is at 86% and opposition is at 8%.

Tory stands down in Scots are "thick" remark furore.

Conservative candidate in next year's Holyrood election, Ivor Tiefenbrun, has resigned after allegedly saying Scots were "so thick" for hating Margaret Thatcher.

The founder of electronic firm Linn Products, was going to fight the Glasgow Maryhill seat. Tiefenbrun is said to have told The Scotsman newspaper that "you would have to be thick to accept that" Baroness Thatcher was an "evil force" in Scotland.

In his resignation statement Tiefenbrun said he did not want anything to divert attention away from important issues facing the country. The Scottish Conservatives said Mr Tiefenbrun's decision had been taken in the best interests of the party.

New Tory child benefit rules will reward marriage.

Just because he didn't say it, doesn't mean it's not true. There seems to be an argument sweeping round media circles about new child benefit rules announced by Chancellor George Osborne today. Apparently a single parent on £44,000 a year will not receive child benefit from 2013. However, if two parents earn £40,000 a year (combined £80,000) then that family is still entitled to claim.

Yes. This is true. In opposition, Cameron and Osborne always alluded to the fact they would reward marriage and strong families through the tax and welfare system. It doesn't surprise tBg that Cameron and Osborne have taken this opportunity, in time, to really reward marriage and keeping families together.

Osborne: We spend more on housing benefit than the police.

Chancellor George Osborne has given his conference speech in Birmingham this lunchtime lambasting the previous government saying, Labour has left Britain in an economic nightmare, again.

The Coalition are planning cuts to services and benefits, as well as having to introduce higher taxation on individuals and banks. Though, George Osborne says it is right to protect NHS spending. Osborne said that if left underfunded and unreformed the NHS would, "just get worse, and I didn't come into politics to see that happen"

The Chancellor also said Britain's welfare system keeps people down and constrained saying the "system traps millions into dependency". Osborne says the British people just want a fair society. To begin achieving this goal George Osborne said he will limit the total amount of benefits any one family can receive. A family on benefits will receive no more than an average family earns going out to work.

Higher rate tax payers (around £44,000 and above) will begin not to receive child benefit from 2013. Some higher rate taxpayers may moan that they pay so much tax, and get nothing in return. tBg supposes Osborne is sticking by that Tory tag-line, "We're all in this together".

Blogger issues grovelling apology to Howlett.

Notorious blogger Yasin Akgun has made a grovelling apology to Ben Howlett after threatening to be on his tail every day. Yasin's erratic outburst came as Ben Howlett was declared victorious in the race to become CF Chairman. Mr Akgun said: "You should have known better than to fuck with a blogger... Lying about people will always bite you down in the end. And I'll be the one that does it."

It's unclear what exactly Mr Akgun is spitting fire about.

Yasin Akgun has now issued an apology to Ben Howlett (below).

Tories quaffing champagne ban.

It seems pretty pointless that someone at CCHQ has to tell everybody else at Tory conference that drinking champagne should be kept discreet, as it gives out the wrong impression to voters.

The fact that Tories have to be told not to drink champagne just reinforces some stereotypes and defeats the purpose of the ban.

One Tory said: "We’re about to do the biggest cuts in a generation - can you imagine how bad it’ll look if it’s all pictures of grinning Tories knocking back champers? The message has been about getting down to business".

Lord Strathclyde has jumped on the bandwagon too and cancelled his traditional drinks reception calling it, "inappropriate" now the Party was in power. Tory MP Eric Pickles also said he wanted visitors to conference to look "humble"... What a load of tosh.

So no champagne again this year. tBg doesn't even like the stuff, give him a JD & Coke any time.