"Where's my ballot?" #2

As if by genius, dubbed the "Zanu CF" ballot shortfall by London Spin, tBg can reveal that CF members up and down the country are still not receiving their ballot papers.

Deputy Chair' candidate Clare Hilley has released this statement:

"As of today I am still awaiting my ballot paper and there have been dozens of complaints from members that they have not received one either.

It is not too late if you haven't. Follow these steps but please do it quickly:

A) if you're a national member email alan.mabbutt@conservatives.com to request one

B) if an association member contact your local office and ask them to contact Alan requesting a ballot paper.

Your ballot paper must be returned by 12pm on 27th September."

++UPDATE++ 22:53

CF Chairman for Wales candidate Zahid Raja has also been in contact with CCHQ over missing ballot papers, he tweeted their response...