EXCLUSIVE: Whalley's vision for South-West CF.

In, what could be, a final push to urge CF members to vote for him, CF regional candidate for the South-West, Jack Whalley, today spoke to tBg.

tBg: So Jack, how are you enjoying life in the Tory Party?

Jack: "I’ve enjoyed every minute of my time in the Conservative Party so far.
Every minute. Some might be surprised by that, but it’s true. From the
thrill of election night counts to that feeling you get when you clinch
that all-important speaker, you can’t beat it. I feel that the time is now
right to put myself forward to serve Conservative Future in the South West.

tBg: You are currently Bath CF Chairman, how has this role weighted your decision to run for Regional Chairman?

Jack: "As chairman of the Bath branch of Conservative Future, I have
responsibility for developing our presence at the University of Bath, Bath
Spa University and those under-30s in the city. At well over one hundred
members and with unprecedented levels of growth, I have demonstrated the
skills and determination required to be successful...".

Whalley proposes:

Increased Communications

*The South West is home to a diverse range of CF branches. Quite simply, I feel that there is a lot of room for improvement in communication. I want to communicate with members in all areas, be it studying members or constituency members. I will provide regular updates. You want to be ‘in the loop’? I’ll make sure you are. Communication will no longer be top down only. Instead, communication will work from the bottom up and even between branches. It’s about what the regional team can do for you, not just what you can do for the region.*

Generating Discussion

*How should CF in the South West be organised? We’ve all got our own opinions, and as a party member, that’s only natural. What I know is that it’s your right to be heard by those who have responsibility in the party. I aim to put an end to unanswered e-mails and cries for help. We all know how frustrating it is. I want to ensure maximum levels of accountability, providing you with plenty of opportunities to voice your opinions… safe in the knowledge you will be listened to!*

Empowering Individuals

*Straight from the heart of our national manifesto, I want to put power back into the hands of local CF members. Branch chairmen should no longer go without reward for their dedication and initiative. From now on we will publicly recognise successful recruitment drives, events and campaign days. I will provide everything I possibly can to make sure that branch committees and members can achieve their goals. No more restricted branches struggling to perform basic CF functions.*

Encouraging Collaboration

*We should work together to share campaign expertise and event plans. There is absolutely no reason why the region shouldn’t have events which spread across the whole of the South West and allow everyone to get involved. To avoid low turn-outs at events, I will provide a central forum for discussion and invitation sharing. Campaign days and speakers should benefit everyone across the region.*

Whalley went on to say: "In short, the four key aspects of my manifesto are improved communication, useful discussions, member empowerment and friendly collaboration. The South West has the potential to become the heart of the next-generation Conservative Party. I’m the person to make sure that happens."