Vote Raja for Conservative Future Chairman for Wales.

In the third of our FOUR blockbuster announcements, tBg is urging CF members to vote Zahid Raja Chairman for Wales.

tBg has been following the Raja2010 campaign and has been more than impressed with the effort, consistency and innovative ideas coming from it.

Zahid Raja proposes a Growth, Work Experience and Internships policy.

Zahid has worked with NGO’s like UNICEF (President of the Swansea branch) and Amnesty (National STAN committee) in developing their youth branches in Wales. Zahid proposes to create Welsh internships to complete some essential work in CF. Giving new young activists a meaningful role at the heart of our politics.

Zahid Raja has also fought for and won Swansea University CF free accommodation and places to Conference. He wants to equip other branches at Universities to get the same. Raja also plans to launch ‘Blue Hours’ – a concept that adds competition to campaigning.

Zahid Raja has massive potential within our Party and could go all the way one day.

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