Vote Howlett for Conservative Future National Chairman.

In our FOURTH major announcement, tBg is today urging CF members to vote Ben Howlett to become Conservative Future National Chairman. Ben has displayed the likeable personality and stardom characteristics that are needed to take CF in a fresh and dynamic direction.

tBg could go on forever why Ben is the best candidate, he however will not.

Ben has shown he is ready to lead and take everybody with him. Ben believes in Modern Britain, Our Party and Its members. He has shown this by travelling vast swathes of this great nation meeting CF members up and down the country.

Ben will, and has shown he can mobilise CF up and down the country to campaign against Coalition plans for Aspiration Tax and AV. He also has great ideas on Campaigning, School Campaigns and Branch Development. These are all the big issues tBg believes Conservative Future has to engage in over the next year.

The worst thing that could happen to CF on September 27th would be a Craig Cox victory. It would be a year of bad headlines and all of our hard-work being dragged through the mud. Cox only has himself to blame for this, when hitting national headlines holding up a "Bring Back Slavery" sign, and the witch hunt that has ensued since.

tBg would consider it an abomination if Cox were elected. Have your own opinion on Cox and why someone would do what he done. The bottom line is, CF doesn't need any of that baggage.

Ben Howlett has some quite frankly nasty enemies whom have tried to smear him over the past couple of months with viral impersonations and cries of supporting racism. These people now support the only candidate to have been caught in a race row. They should obviously not be listened to. However loud they shout, they should be ignored and members should vote for decency, honesty, fresh ideas, vibrant energy, hard-work, dynamism, and a leader that truly believes we are all equal.

We must not let our fellow members down, Vote Howlett.

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