Tory Bear launches attack on Zahid Raja.

Tory Bear has launched a savage attack on Chairman for Wales candidate Zahid Raja.

TB was endorsing candidates today in an article when he raged: "...CF Wales isn't the most exciting of organisations". TB went on to rip apart Zhaid Raja by declaring him, "...a Tory Reform Group loon..."

TB went on to cry: "The sooner Zahid Raja wakes up and realises he is in the wrong party the better. These quasi-socialist NUS NIMBYs need to be kept as far away from the Tory greasy poll as possible... (Zahid)...has more in common with Ed Balls than any Tory..."

Tory Bear had disappeared from all radars for a couple of weeks. tBg had heard he had been kidnapped by Tory ideologues (rumoured kidnappers include Edward Leigh, Owen Paterson and Greg Hands), sent back with orders to destroy the TRG.

TB thinks CF members should vote Grant Tucker (TRG Welsh Youth Chairman?) for Welsh CF Chairman because: "TB met him down at Spring Forum and he's a good guy". LOL?

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