Smallwood: "It's been an honour".

Ben Howlett's campaign manager has tonight paid tribute to the National Chairman candidate, saying he is a "it's been an honour" to manage his campaign. Peter Smallwood is on his way to the Howlett household where they will share a beef roast, and several bottles of wine.

A spokesman for the Howlett camp said: "They're are sharing this evening together as a recap on polices and promises made to CF members. If elected tomorrow Ben Howlett intends to hit the ground running."

On Friday, "In-the-loop" Smallwood secured Lady GaGa's endorsement of Howlett, as Tweeted by tBg. It has been said they are in a secret discussions about a CF Christmas Party appearance.


CF Chairman for Wales, candidate Zahid Raja, has arrived at Howlett HQ this evening, one source says he says he intends on "getting drunk".