Scandal, endorsements and salad.

At 09.23 this morning it was suggested in comments on this blog that former Chairman wannabe and serial Howlett attack dog, Simon Cavalier-Jones, was not actually a Party member.

London Spin, with it's razor-sharp investigative journalism, broke the revealing story this afternoon. One eye witness told tBg: "I saw a figure sprinting down Millbank toward Millbank Tower, he was trying terribly hard to type on his iPad whilst keeping his trousers up simultaneously. I'm pretty sure it was that guy from London Spin... what's his name again... oh yeah, Kash Karib."

tBg doesn't know whether to laugh or cry at this recent revelation by London Spin. Indeed, this is very embarrassing for Simon. Let's hope nothing else comes out of the woodwork for this independent politician.

Howlett also has another reason to be pleased today. Top CF blog London Spin is endorsing his campaign. Westminster's top newspaper said:

"Conservative Future needs a unifying force and a strong Chairman that can unite a broken movement – that person is Ben Howlett.

His (Howlett's) detractors argue that CF would perform better if it transformed into some kind of right-wing debating society, because there are no major campaign challenges coming up. But CF is not the Bow Group and, in case nobody noticed, the Boris Mayoral campaign is already gathering pace."

tBg bumped into Ben Howlett at Pizza Express while the news was breaking. tBg asked Ben what he thought of the Simon Cavalier-Jones scandal:

Ben said: "I have just come from a Freshers Fair recruiting new members. We have a massive membership drive going on across the country at the moment and if Simon would like to become a member of CF, he should contact his local association. We are decentralised, bottom up, grassroots membership organisation after all."

Ben seemed to want to get on with his Caesar Salad with extra sauce, so tBg quickly asked what he thought of London Spin's endorsement:

Ben said: "I am delighted that theBlueGuerilla and London Spin have endorsed my campaign. I want to ensure that CF is a united force and I will be acting from day one to ensure every region is working together turning every area across the country Blue."


++UPDATE 17:32++ London Spin is reporting SC-J has his paperwork...