Raja: We cannot ignore the NUS.

Welsh Chairman candidate Zahid Raja has today made a rallying cry to CF members in Wales (and those outside should probably listen too), not to ignore the NUS. Raja says the NUS (National Union for Students) is already too instrumental in student life and CF needs many, many more representatives on the NUS in order to shape the future of the Student Union.

Raja says: "NUS claims to represent the student body across the UK. The media and other organisations recognise the National Union of Students represents the overall student body too...

Therefore, I’m going to bypass this entire argument of ignoring NUS ‘till it goes away’ and propose that we adapt and show how Conservative Future is relevant to the changing landscape of the student movement."

Raja went on to say: "We must get our members elected to Student Union posts and influence policy through sound Conservative thinking. We have already been doing this in Aberystwyth and Swansea. As I have said before, if elected I pledge to create flexible online workshops to provide all the resources a University branch would need to help members run for such posts."

Zahid Raja is the most senior member of the NUS from Conservative Future. tBg is very excited by the Raja2010 campaign, and believes Zahid Raja can take CF Wales on a new innovative direction that England may well follow.

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