Patrick Sullivan: My plan for a better CF.

Patrick Sullivan, candidate for Appointed Officer, has today spoken to tBg about his plan for a 'Better CF'.

"Throughout my years in Conservative Future I’ve been amazed by the energy and hard work of our members and am truly proud of the excellent job they do. I’ve campaigned for the party in Council, Mayoral and General Elections and I’m proud of this record and the work. It’s this experience that I’d like to bring to the role of Appointed Officer to support the National Team in every way I can. Everyone that knows me understands how much this organisation means to me and the lengths I will go to improve it. These qualities and experiences make a strong candidate to work with the other members of the committee and give activists strong support, wherever they are based.

Make no mistake, this election is crucial to the future of our organisation. We need to make sure we elect a team that will give 100% commitment to our cause if we wish to make ourselves heard on the national political stage. With a committed team and strong leadership, I firmly believe Conservative Future will shine once again. My work on National Social Action projects and last minute by-election challenges means I have been tried and tested before. I fully intend to throw myself into the role of Appointed Officer, if you’ll put your trust in me.

For too long, Conservative Future has been dogged by internal bickering and pointless infighting – so lets show the party we’ve grown up and send the party a clear signal that this kind of backwards-focussed behaviour will not be tolerated anymore. It’s time to elect a strong and experienced team to prepare for the Boris 2012 election battle and present a united front on the national scene."