Out with the old, in with the new.

With news that a large number of Regional Chairman Candidates are going to be uncontested, they are already sending out their messages of support for Ben:

“Ben has impressed me with his tremendous enthusiasm for Conservative Future during his tireless campaign. I am confident that Ben's obvious commitment to Conservative Future combined with his comprehensive policies and ideas will make him a terrific Chairman. I am pleased to offer Ben my full support and I wish him the best of luck for the remainder of his campaign.”

David Bonner

North West CF Regional Chairman Candidate

“Having met Ben in Wellingborough where he came to visit local members of my community, Ben struck me as committed and determined to change CF for the better.

I strongly believe Ben Howlett is the best candidate. CF currently lacks involvement in key community areas and Ben is the only candidate who is clearly challenging these areas! Ben will deliver; I say it with no doubt in my mind! Vote Ben Howlett”

Thomas Turrell

East Midlands CF Regional Chairman Candidate

Ben said: “I am glad that uncontested Regional Chairman Candidates are beginning to endorse my campaign.

I have 100% confidence in both Thomas and David to deliver over the coming few months.

It will be my job to ensure that each region gets up and running quickly so that CF is active from day 1 across the country.

When I met with David the other week, it was clear he wanted to unify all areas of the North West and increase activity.

Thomas has shown a keen commitment to social action and with an executive of all the talents we are going to see CF prosper over my potential term.

I think we are going to have fun!”