Kingston CF get 186 sign-ups.

The founder of Kingston University Conservative Society, Gus Magalhaes, featured in Frost Magazine today hailing 186 new members.

Fending off Socilaist Worker Party chants of, "No Tory Cuts", Gus battled on during Kingston University's freshers fayre to set up it's CF society. Zac Goldsmith and Ben Howlett were also in attendance.

Gus said: "Setting up Kingston University Conservative Society was challenging, and at some points daunting, as in recent years it has failed to get off the ground but it has been worthwhile considering the numbers we have recruited. I am very proud of the society and of everyone who worked with me to achieve it success.

I am overwhelmed by the amount of students that signed up to the society over the two days of Fresher’s Fayre. This is a true testament to what I said before about engaging people in the right way in politics – you can get people interested in politics if it is presented in the right way. No one would have expected Kingston University to have delivered the biggest Conservative Society in London."