EXCLUSIVE: Howlett's up for some fun.

With the close of polls coming up on Monday, national Chair' candidate, Ben Howlett, has spoken exclusively to tBg to reaffirm his commitment to making CF more FUN.

The Howlett campaign received a huge boost yesterday from a London Spin endorsement for the Chairmanship. Ben has been keen to continue the momentum by working hard and keeping in touch with CCHQ and members who have not received their ballot papers, to ensure that they receive one.

Howlett, now widely regarded in media circles to be the next Conservative Future Chairman, is committed to making CF more fun. He also wants to weed out the unsound tactics by his opponents that has blighted him throughout the campaign. Ben says he wants a CF revolution, united, with partying, social action and campaigning going hand-in-hand and at the forefront of what We do.

Ben said: "Every CF member wants one thing, to have a good time. CF must be more fun to ensure we get more members, have more events, have more campaigns, have more social action and become more self sufficient. We need to present ourselves as a vibrant, exciting group of people that can achieve political objectives whilst having a positive upbeat atmosphere about our organisation.

I was at the Fens CF karaoke night while on my 24 hour tour last weekend, it was a brilliant night and we all had a great time. Let’s think outside the box and work together to come up with brand new ideas that mean CF will appeal to all young people."