Cox wins huge backing from Bath, Yorkshire and E.Midlands.

Jack Whalley, Chairman of Bath CF, has emailed Craig Cox today indicating that he and his 100 member strong association are going to be backing the Cox Campaign.

Whalley said: "I have the pleasure of announcing the endorsement from the City of Bath Conservative Future, encompassing both universities and city members for the support of Craig Cox in the National Chairman Leadership campaign. We believe Craig to be the best individual to lead the Conservative Future organisation through what will be without doubt an exciting period.

After a period of reflection we are delighted to have taken this step. We are pleased that Bath Conservative Future is able to play a part in the 2010 Conservative Future election campaign.
We believe that any candidate for the prestigious role of chairman should be able to recognise the incredible potential that the South West region has when it comes to making Conservative Future a force to be reckoned with in politics today. We look forward to hearing more of Craig's plans for the South West"

This is one day after Simon Cavalier Jones came over, bringing with him the endorsement of East Midlands CF and Yorkshire CF. Craig says he is; "thrilled to be getting such decent support at a critical time in the race, and there are more to be announced over the coming days".