Cox has "given up".

News is reaching tBg's desk that Craig Cox has "given up" and gone into hiding.

A super-source for tBg from inside the Cox campaign said: "Craig has gone into hiding and has basically given up... long was it known that he never wanted the job in the first place."

tBg was inclined to disagree, but almost choked on his sugar cane when he searched 'CraigCox' and #cox2010 on Twitter, and it found nothing. Cox has had no news on his website since September 7th.

++UPDATE 15:36++

Though Craig Cox has been VERY quiet and seems to be no longer campaigning online trying to reach every member, the Cox camp are refuting tBg's source. The Cox campaign has released this statement to tBg:

"Craig and his team would be grateful if you clarified your story and reminded your readers that he is still campaigning, meeting voters, answering questions via email and fighting for every last vote.

He's steering clear of the gossip blogs and focusing on talking to branches about his vision of a united, modern and political Conservative Future. For accurate information on the Cox Campaign, see cox2010.co.uk".