Cox defiant in the face of defeat.

Craig Cox has come out fighting just days before election deadline day. The CF Chairman candidate has been on the back-foot for most of the campaign and has never really mounted a serious challenge against the juggernaut, that is the Ben Howlett campaign.

Earlier today tBg reported on Ben Howlett preparing for Conference, as any well organised potential leader should just 6 days before polling day. tBg believes it's not assuming power, but being ready to take the reigns if need be. Cox however, seemed to have taken this report as a smack in the mouth.

Cox has released a stern statement to tBg stating:

"It would seem from the statement released by my opponent earlier today that he has assumed he has managed to win the election without the results being in.

He (Howlett) can talk about victory parties at conference, working with CCHQ and getting on with the job all he likes. The fact of the matter is that no one man is bigger than the electorate, and no one man can declare the result without it even being concluded.

My campaign has been based around policies, not platitudes. Now there is a new distinction; hard work versus hubris. I shall be talking to ordinary CF members right up until polls close, promoting my vision of a modern, political and united CF."

Cox continued his last gasp attack on Howlett: "It seems my opponent is more concerned with planning his victory party."

Cox seems to be buoyed by a somewhat vague-Coxy-esq' Tory Bear endorsement. tBg has made it clear why he thinks Howlett should be Chairman and why Cox should not.

London Spin has now also declared for candidates this evening.

++UPDATE 20:03++

Ben Howlett has responded to Coxs' statement:

Ben says: "I am disappoint that Craig has so publicly and personally attacked me in this way.

As an old friend of Craig I wish to continue that friendship after the election.

If I had a victory party, which I haven't organised yet, I would love to have Craig there and I hope Craig would invite me to his."