Cooper defies CCHQ policy.

Chairman and Deputy Chair' candidate Oliver Cooper has been promoting his policy on getting more CF'ers elected to councils in England and Wales in the past few hours.

Cooper says: "(My) ...aim is to increase the presence of CF on local councils. By having more CF members selected for, and elected to, local councils – and equipped to sit on them – we can carve a reputation for the party not as the old party, but as the young party. If councils are to be the future, a conservative future depends upon it."

tBg had tried to promote this policy at CCHQ, he was lambasted and shot down in flames. It still remains shocking to tBg that CCHQ are only interested in funding and training future CF Members of Parliament, entirely skipping a local roll that actually puts and keeps candidates in touch with society on a ground level. tBg believes being a councillor is the best training and experience anyone can have when running for Parliament.

Whoever wins Deputy, tBg hopes this policy is implemented and shouted from the roof tops.