CF Councillor causes Diane Abbott to have ‘sleepless nights’.

Yesterday Conservative Council Candidate sensational increased the Conservative majority in New River ward Stoke Newington, the seat currently represented by Labour Leadership contender Diane Abbott.

While Abbott was touring the country trying to pick up a handful of Labour votes for her Leadership Campaign, CF activists were busy trying to increase the majority in the key by-election of London. Benzion Papier, the new Conservative Councillor in New River Ward increased the Conservative majority from 39 to 560 with one of the biggest by-election swings seen in recent weeks.

Ben Howlett made a statement: “My congratulations go to Benzion and his campaign team for keeping control of the seat and increasing the majority in such a massive way. It is great to see so many CF aged candidates such as Benzion winning seats in untraditional Conservative territory. This seat was on the doorstep to one of the stalwarts of the left and I am glad to see the people of Hackney rejecting socialism and embracing conservatism.

I recently worked with Nick Clarke (London Regional CF Chairman Candidate), Justin Hinchcliff and Matthew Coggins (North East London Conservatives) to set up a CF campaign evening in Hackney and we had a great turnout. I want to see more CF candidates winning seats in Labour heartlands and I have always said they have my full backing.”

Full results; Hackney: