Surrey quitter backs Simon Cavalier-Jones.

Former Surrey CF Chair Rowan Cole has backed Simon Cavalier-Jones to be the next National Conservative Future Chairman. One tBg source said the former Surrey CF Chair went "literature-ally bonkers" in a resignation letter over a CF 'clique culture', London Spin revealed this past Monday.

Cole then slammed the CF machine saying: "The elections have already become farcical – they have been poorly managed and have become petulant already. The campaign has been badly coordinated, with hustings for national chairman already underway before nominations even open! It is appalling and unprofessional."

Another source, from the Simon Cavalier-Jones side of the fence, told tBg that his campaign was "the Tortoise" in the race, which is why he, as of yet, has no clear vision in terms of holding the National Chairman's office.

We have seen a glimpse of what this election could really be like with the Cox vs. Howlett over Howletts re-branding policy. Good healthy debate. Simon is yet to show his cards when it comes to his ideas for the future of CF.