Silence Cavalier-Jones.

As the 2nd week of August draws to a close the ‘Silence’ from a certain Campaign is rather staggering.

Having been promised a launch in the 1st week of August, tBg has asked Simon and has been contacted by concerned senior CF members to express their concerns at the complete lack of action.

A senior London source commented: "It was made very public that a certain Chairman campaign would go live in the 1st week of August. We are now almost into the third week and we have heard nothing. Surely if they want to be taken seriously you have to stick to your promises, this sort of wishy washy campaigning reminds me of the Liberal Democrats."

A further source in Yorkshire commented: "Certain candidates seem to believe they have Yorkshire in the bag! Have they spoken to anyone here? Other than a small group on the Regional Executive a lot of people are concerned at the complete lack of policy being offered. How on earth can you be taken seriously if you are going to run such a short campaign?"

Interesting development as nominations open in less than 72 hours…