Radio Ga-Ga.

Ben Howlett has attacked Dennis Skinner's record in East Midlands.

Ben met with members of Conservative Future and the Conservative Women's
Organisation from the East Midlands yesterday finding out how CF can
reinvigorate activism and build a strong, diverse presence in the East Midlands.

Radio Mansfield, who have a strong listenership in Labour heartland seats
including Mansfield, Ashfield, Bassetlaw and Bolsover, asked Ben for an interview
about how to get more young people active in Labour heartland areas. Howlett has experience of campaigning in difficult to win seats in the North East and used
the opportunity to attack Labour's appauling record on the economy, unemployment
and the public sector.

Ben said: "With Dennis Skinner's seat only a few miles away from Mansfield in Bolsover, I hope this will send a message to Labour heartlands that the Conservative Party has changed to become younger and more willing to attack the Labour record on their home turf.

CF in the East Midlands works all year round to give the electorate an
alternative to Labour and they need to be recognised for their hard work and
achievements. I promise to support all hard working branches across the country
and recognise that with a CF awards scheme for excellence. CF branches without
a Conservative MP must be given the support that they deserve. I hope to make
CF an organisation of the majority and not the few again"

Conservative Womens Organisation has an event coming up this month. tBg has the flyer below for all those interested in going to an event full of Tory ladies. :)