Poole CF launches.

Poole Conservative Future successfully launched their new branch last night. Ben Howlett was there, and seems to be getting around so much tBg thinks he might actually see everyone before election day.

Ben had this to say: "Ashley Fraser who has recently set up the branch and Area Chairman for Dorset, Will Burstow, must be congratulated for their efforts in its creation and continued efforts to empower branches to grow. The Pool launch was branch development in action and as a result I would like to dedicate my policy announcement due out this weekend "Branch Development - Sowing the Seeds of Growth" to them and their hard work."

"The best way to ensure that branches continue to be set up and grow is from the bottom up. They have proven that this can happen and I will continue to empower members and give them the tools to grow"

So, the "Branch Development - Sowing the Seeds of Growth" policy will launch this weekend. tBg has a snippet from this highly top secret document below, don't tell Ben though...

Membership Cards

It is an ongoing saga that CF members do not receive a CF membership card, only a national membership card. I will be working with the party to get one that is easily accessible for branches to access centrally. Local associations will be given the template and they can send out CF cards along with the national membership card.

Ground-breaking stuff!