Howlett sows his seed.

Conservative Future National Chairman candidate Ben Howlett has today launched his policy; Branch Development – Sowing the Seeds of Growth

Howlett states that the recent Poole CF launch was "branch development in action" and dedicated the policy announcement to their work.

The recent launch of branches such as Poole, Morley and Outwood allows Ben to show them as examples of how CF is continuing to grow and build a base of activism. Ben says he wants to use his term in charge of CF to "build membership and encourage branches to develop".

Ben also lays out a series of ideas designed, he says, to encourage membership growth including associate member schemes, a plan to create membership toolkits, membership cards and increasing communications with members.

Ben said: "Conservative Future will struggle to grow and prosper if we just sit back and expect people to join us, especially whilst our Party leads this government. To succeed, we must all work together to build upon membership effectively and efficiently. Constituents have a great opportunity to join us and have greater influence over our Government. Let’s get out there and build CF"

Read the entire policy on Scribd.