Howlett focuses on under-18's.

Howlett says "Education, Education, Education" was Labour's buzz phrase in 1997, and what have we got to show for it? An education system with far too little to distinguish it from that of the 19th Century. With a new Conservative led government, Conservative Future has an opportunity to support our Government sorting out yet another mess left to us by Blair & Brown."

Ben said: "Since the formation of CF, we have always had a tendency to fail to reflect all the age groups we represent, and one of the most forgotten age groups are the under 18s. While much has been done in recent years to attempt to tackle this problem, and much can be learnt from their experiences and improve upon their successes, we need to take an unashamedly proactive step to remedy this. To CF, those at school and college are a vital part of our membership.

I have decided to create a policy document that sets a clear and considered direction of where we should be taking our policies towards schools and colleges.

With the help and ideas of many people like Sam Austrums, Branch Chairman of Brigg and Goole in Yorkshire, who is running my Schools Campaign, we have come up with a number of key ideas that can help to encourage more school and college students to get involved with CF."

Read the full document on Scribd.