Howlett bites back.

Ben Howlett has hit back at Craig Coxs' "Policy not Petrol" attack on his brand review policy. Since Ben said he would launch a CF brand review if elected, Craig said that CF needed a political revolution, not a re-brand exercise.

Ben, in so no uncertain terms, drew the dividing line between himself and his opponents.

Ben said: "In a CF led by my opponents at best there will be a small clique cohesively campaigning against AV. As one of my fundamental policy commitments as set out last Friday, under a CF led by me I will engage the majority through cascading campaigns that engage the regions, areas and branches together to work for change - whether it's AV or whatever our next battle is. Under a CF led by your alternative choices the Government will not listen to our members.

Under a CF led by me, decisions will be made accountable, our organisation will be stablised and accessible, and our structures will serve the majority, not a clique. With our reputation and brand image restored the Party will begin to trust CF again, and we can get on with making the positive change this country can expect from Conservatives of all ages."

Ben has released this argument, in full, with regards to Craig's rejection of his proposed policy.