Howlett announces brand review policy.

tBg understands that Ben Howlett is to have a brand review policy. Ben believes CF has a tainted brand, and wants to improve this with the help of Chris Wilford, Chairman of LSE Conservative Future.

Ben says: "The brand image of Conservative Future has degraded over the last decade and one of my key priorities is to improve the image over the next few years.

A policy to enhance our brand is fundamental to the future operations of CF, as well as its reputation.

As you will already know from my recent policy launch I am very keen to ensure that CF is thought of again as the future of the Conservative Party. Over the next few weeks every key policy announcement will explain how we will improving the brand image of CF.

Private sector companies gain greater buy in and higher revenue from a strong brand image, CF should be no different. This will achieve greater revenue and membership for the organisation. With this important private sector, business-like mentality, we can together change the image of our party.

I would like to announce that Chris Wilford Chairman of LSE Conservative Future will be working on this programme. If you have any ideas or thoughts about the programme, please feel free to contact Chris on Facebook:

tBg welcomes this policy with open arms, it's about time too! tBg believes CF needs a fresh, exciting, almost daring to be funky, look that differs somewhat from the over 30's brand.