Epsom & Ewell CF reject Surrey endorsement pressure.

In a letter posted on their blog yesterday, Epsom and Ewell Conservative Future have stated their opposition to the rash of early endorsements that is currently sweeping the organisation in the national CF Chairman elections.

Despite being put under considerable pressure by the Surrey CF exec' to state their preference by Sunday 22 August, the EECF committee have decided instead to withhold any statement of endorsement until the final list of candidates for the role has been announced.

"We (EECF) will not take part in the rushed attempt to save face which is being pursued by some individuals. We will not cast a vote for candidates who have yet to even declare, we will certainly not cast a vote without being able to read all the candidates’ manifestoes, most importantly we will not cast a vote before we have given a chance to those candidates who wish to stand to speak with us, and convince us of their worthiness of receiving our vote."

In the same blog EECF Chairman, Alexander Clarke, has sent an open invitation for all national CF Chairman candidates to attend EECF’s regular monthly social at the Epsom Conservative Club this coming Friday to talk to members about their plans for CF.

The event is open to all CF members, whether from the Epsom and Ewell constituency or further afield, and will offer those unable to attend the previous London hustings the chance to quiz Ben Howlett, Craig Cox, and Simon Cavalier-Jones on their policies.

The event will take place on Friday 27th August from 20:00 at The Epsom Conservative Club, 39 Church Street, Epsom.

There was outcry from Surrey members after Its exec' backed a candidate last week. One member, Scarlett Hubbard, was raging in the London Spin comment section of this latest announcement.

Epsom and Ewell CF are also on Facebook