Christian May backs Cox.

CF Deputy Chairman Christian May has today endoursed CF National Chairman candidate Craig Cox. Cox is said to be "delighted" at the news and gives a real heavyweight boost to his campaign.

Cox and May first met in Washington 3 years ago while they studied together at the Leadership Institute. Christian May has alot of influence in Conservative Future circles and has a clear vision himself of where CF should go now we are in Government.

Christian said: "What I really want(ed) to see from this Chairman election was a candidate who had the spirit to give CF a political voice. Previously, and rightly, CF's focus has been relentlessly on campaigning and fighting the election. But for the first time in CF's history we are now in government..."

Craig has also received the endorsement of Chairman of Essex University CF. Dan O'Docherty, the old Birmingham University Chairman, and current Birmingham City Deputy Chairman, are also backing Craig.