CF Social Action.

Ben Howlett met with members of Northamptonshire CF and other youth groups in the East Midlands last night in Wellingborough. He used the meeting as an opportunity to find out how Conservative Future can support community groups and youth organisations of a similar nature to Conservative Future. He met with members of the East Midlands Branch of the British Youth Council. Also in attendance were representatives of local community groups that are campaigning to get more young people off the streets and involved in community based youth groups.

Ben explained to those in attendance that he has committed to begin planning a national social action project from day 1 of being elected as Chairman.

Ben said: "Conservative Future has an opportunity to forge links with other youth organisations across the country. We can support organisations such as the ones I met with last night by helping them fundraise, to communicate their events or to help redecorate community centres. Members of the British Youth Council were very keen to work with other political organisations to debate the issues that young people have with politics. I will be working closely with the CF Policy Forum in that endeavour."