Broxtowe MP defends Cox.

A tBg source has alerted him that MP for Broxtowe, Anna Soubry, has had to defend herself to a local Nottingham newspaper over the employment of Craig Cox.

Anna defended Craig by saying: "He knows my view on it. He was about 19 at the time, he made a full apology for it. I know he regrets, hugely, doing something so stupid that upset other people."

Craig also defended himself to the newpaper saying: "I apologised at the time for holding it up but I didn't write it, it was written by somebody else.

I completely condemn all motions of racism. It was held up by mistake and I was cleared unequivocally with no backlash. I'm gay myself and understand the sensitivity of minority groups, I understand how awful and painful it can be.

If I could turn back time and rip it up I would".

Would CF have to defend itself in a similar manner if Cox were elected. Or is the National CF Chairmanship exactly what Cox needs to put all this behind him?

In any case tBg much prefers his defense in the Daily Mail during the event in September 2008:

Craig Cox: "The real story here is that the NUS wants to run a show trial that would make Stalin blush. Due process, natural justice and fairness are, in NUS eyes, mere concepts that can be readily ignored when it suits them.’These witch-hunts have got to stop. It’s about time the NUS started representing ordinary students again and stopped acting as a front for Left-wing zealots."

Great stuff.

Read the full article. [thisisnottingham.co.uk]

Also, read an email sent by Anna Soubry to local councillors also concerned about Coxs' employment at the MPs' office.