Where's the love?

Now supporters from Ben and Simons' campaigns are at it. Team Howlett are fuming at comments made on tBg, that they might have questions to answer in regards to comments made at last Fridays hustings at Barley Mow, London. In no uncertain terms one member of Team Howlett has slammed the claims in emails sent between 27 and 28 July 2010, to an advisor of Simon Cavalier-Jones.


tBg must add that Simon Cavalier-Jones has never actually accused anybody in particular of wrong doing, other than saying his girlfriend was verbally abused, without mentioning what was apparently said...

"I am aware that a group of people in the room singled my Girlfriend out for abuse during the proceedings..."

"I did not hear the comment's I will not comment..."

++UPDATE 15:11:++

Simon Cavalier-Jones has just made this statement.

"I would like to make it very clear that they only people authorised to speak on behalf of my team are, myself and the joint campaign directors: Hamish Stewart and Philip Smith. No other individual has the authority to speak on behalf of the team.