Simon Cavalier-Jones hits back.

Simon Cavalier-Jones has been quick to refute Ben Howlett's suggestion that he has been calling Howlett a supporter of racism and says the Facebook conversation is a fabrication by Team Howlett.

Simon states:

"Dear tBg,

Good to speak earlier, in terms of your article...

I wish to comment as follows: I entered the contest to become the next National Chairman for three reasons, to work to build our Membership and improve our image as a party. To get more support for branches by way of resources, training and support and to get funding to deliver this.

Sadly it would seem that my competitor is more intent on Fabricating stories about me and dragging our Party's reputation though the mud. This is everything I stand against, this is not Politics it's puerile. This kind of behaviour does not represent Conservative Future. It is destructive, selfish and nothing else.

As for the event's at Fridays hustings, I am aware that a group of people in the room singled my Girlfriend out for abuse during the proceedings. Numerous allegations have been bought to my attention over what was said, as I did not hear the comment's I will not comment, except as to say that any form of abuse is unacceptable.

I like the rest of the Membership care about the Conservative Party. Our focus must be on winning the referendum on AV, Campaigning in the London and European Elections and of course building to win a Majority at the next General Election. Let's fight Labour not each other."

tBg is aware of drunken planks at CF hustings. Whether these people are associated with Howlett or not is yet to be proven but tBg and has heard rumours that the 'original incident' is on video. The hunt is on.