Howlett focuses on student policy.

The Howlett campaign is expected to launch its first policy announcments tomorrow. tBg can tonight reveal one Howlett policy that will appealing to Students.

Ben said: "Over the last few weeks I have been engrossed in a mountain of emails from members asking what they want out of CF, busy addressing real policy issues and giving CF over the next few years some real substance.

My ideas have been integrated with their ideas to create a series of policy reviews that will get CF working again."

8. Howletts'; Campaigning for Students.

- CF must crush the monopoly that Liberal Democrats think they have over student voters

- Every Regional Chairman will be encouraged to work with their University Branch Chairman to run University specific campaigns

- Central resources and tool-kits will be made available to them and local associations will be able to access CF/student specific campaigning material

- If a University Branch wants to hold University specific campaigns on Graduate Tax or any other issue that appeals to students they will have the full backing on CF nationally.

Ben went on to say: "CF needs a clear agenda and this is the first step in producing a real plan and direction."