Bouncing Brown?

"A great wonderful victory for Labour, a thumbs up for Brown's handling of the economic crisis" declared Jon Craig on Sky News last night. What a laugh, whats wrong with this channel recently? Brown hasn't bounced. Labour have held onto Glenrothes (a strong hold) after Scottish people realised they be in deep sh*t with their banks if the SNP got their way, and Scotland was independent.

Brown built a boom on debt, taxed and spent, encouraged irresponsible lending (and still is, like he hasn't learned anything), then used hundreds of billions of taxpayers money to bail out these useless bankers while businesses are closing and unemployment is rising. Not to mention going cap in hand to the brutal regime in Saudi Arabia asking for some pocket money. How embarrassing. He does this because he wants government expenditure to increase as a way of getting through this crisis, it will not work that way.

tBg knows the only way to stimulate the economy is to give tax cuts to the middle and working class.