Tory Boyz premiers.

Tory Boyz premiered at the Soho Theater last night. The play is described as 'a bold and acerbic political comedy' about a guy called Sam. Sam's family have no trouble accepting that he is gay, but are more accepting that he is a Conservative.

Written by James Graham, who went on a journey to find out about Edward Heath, who's sexuality is big question mark in certain circles, if you actually give a toss? In an interview with Pink News Graham says he was surprised about how many Tories are working class and gay, challenging the liberals view which has dogged our party for decades. tBg at this point would of told James Graham - 'no shit Sherlock'. David Cameron is the most elitist leader we've had in decades. That liberal lie by the way, really makes tBg's blood boil. Since the days of Thatcher (which shattered the post war, cross-Party Socialist consensus), Tories are essentially free market libertarians, you can come from any background or lifestyle and believe in our principles.

Graham also states "It's boring to just bash the Tories, that's been done. It's far more interesting to challenge the liberal perception of Conservatives."