tBg on ABB.

It seems a comment left on this website has caused outrage in some sections. tBg understands that the comment is upsetting for ABB. It is also true that tBg reprimanded the comment as much as he could without censoring it.

As ToryBear reported, tBg received this email from ABB last night. tBg allows all comments without moderation adhering to our belief in freedom of speech thus not reflecting tBg's view in any way. Our statement of intent is reflected in the quotes on tBg's banner. tBg believes that this is essential and organic, i.e. For every bad comment, you will have comments of support. However, one partiucular sentence about ABB's sex life does contain accusations which are untrue and quite frankly nobody's business even if they were true. What other people get up to in that sense has nothing to do with what CF is about.

Nor is this true...
(Source: ToryBear)
tBg has never mentioned ABB and Richardson is the same sentence until now. Though different in language, tone and rather tongue in cheek, this is still an untruth. Should it be removed? tBg doesn't think so.

tBg believes the comment on this site reflects the disgraceful attitudes that exist in parts of out ranks toward human sexuality and other differences. tBg actually believes human sexuality is fluid and not necessarily gay or straight etc. We should know these bullying tactics exist in order to fight them. We can't fight horrible attitudes if we don't know about them.

tBg is a fan of ABB, tBg believes her to be a very lovely young lady with a bright future in our Party. tBg also asks you all to play nicely.