Can we still boycott the Olympics?

Never mind the air quality, or fear of terrorism, it's the Chinese people that are in desperate need due to their own Communist government.

There was talk of some countries boycotting the Olympics, which would of ruined many athletes Summer. However, shouldn't the real questions and concern be with Chinese people whom have lost their homes (without compensation) due to the creation of Olympic institutions and stadiums. Or their inability to protest against their ruler because the leaders demand them to conform, and when they do protest those people suddenly disappear.

The influx of the free media in China is turning into bit of a nightmare for the regime. tBg understands a Sky News reporter received these text messages yesterday - "Today, between three and four thirty, two groups of us were handcuffed and forced into police cars with no number plates," read one. Another wrote: "They forced a group of us out the back door and into a waiting bus. Now I've been held illegally for forty hours."

tBg will be following the Chinese regime very closely for the next month. tBg will expose the disgraceful treatment of it's citizens.

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