Area Chair' role to be scrapped?

tBg understands there is speculation that the CF Area Chair' role is to be replaced with Regional Coordinators. Presumably by regional, they mean North West, South East, Scotland etc. How one person is supposed to keep everyone in such vast swathes of land happy is unsure. However, this shake-up could prove vital into bringing many branches together on a more national level, and in the end improve relations on a wider scale.

According to conservativefuture.com there are 41 area chair' positions in CF, but there are 12 regions in the UK. tBg could probably remember 12 chairs' off by heart, but he ashamedly admits he doesn't know all 41 area chairs' off by heart.

We all know there is a problem with national communication. tBg suggests being really radical and taking it to the next level for a real grassroots approach to national representation. Maybe each regional chair' should sit on the NME with duties appointed by the elected national Chair' (example: Joe Bloggs elected for North West - Appointed Duties; Social Action). So in affect a CF'er would have a vote for a Chairman, and a vote for Chair' in their region who they believe would best represent on the National Management Executive. Or maybe the careerists John Moorcraft talks about wouldn't be too happy with that? Just a thought.