Talking down to black people.

The Reverend Jesse Jackson is causing a stir in the States. He was watching Obama giving one of his wonderful talks when he uttered the remarks, "he's talking down to black people", and then finished it off with, "I want to cut his nuts off."

tBg doesn't really need to mention that this is all Fox News' doing. Yet again reminding working class America that Barack Obama is black. And look, he doesn't even like/understand/relates (with) black people.

tBg believes if you hold very small unconscious prejudice towards black people, it's easy to forget Obama is black. You can have black friends and still prejudice. For example, being approached after sunset by a black man who just wants directions to the nearest tube station, and thinking your about to be mugged or stabbed. This rule does apply to all groups of people across the world. Like a straight man thinking that just because another male in his presence is gay, that gay male wants a piece of him. Fox News know this social rule and they're hoping that when people get to the polling booth, they won't vote for the black man.

As hilarious as this is though, tBg doesn't want to imagine Obama's nuts, never mind the involvement of a sharp instrument being held by Jesse Jackson.

This clip is now showing on tBg tube along with lovely commentary from Bill O'Reilly. Watch.