Shame on you.

Breaking news tonight that Mugabe's regime in Zimbabwe will not face U.N sanctions. It seems the evil dictator has some friends, the sanctions were vetoed by China and Russia. Measures would of included a travel ban, freeze of assets and an arms embargo.

tBg knows Russia and China are crooks, but this is just sickening. This is a huge embarrassment for the U.N Security Council in failing to act, yet again, against a regime that rape, torture and murder it's own people because it doesn't wish to relinquish power.

Downing Street said "this is a disappointing result and a missed opportunity".
tBg thinks this is an absolute bloody disgrace to the human race.

Countries that voted in favor of sanctions were: Belgium, Burkina Faso, Costa Rica, Croatia, France, Italy, Panama, UK and the United States.

The countries that voted against sanctions were: China, Libya, Russia, South Africa and Vietnam.