Responsibility revolution.

David Cameron and Barack Obama seem to have found common ground. DC has today backed Barack Obama over Obama's claim that black fathers need to take more responsibility over their children. Obama says that absent black fathers are behaving like teenagers and shirking their responsibilities.

In an interview for the Guardian, DC insists the appalling discrimination and economic disadvantage black people experience have to be recognised and changed. DC added, "I think he's (Obama) absolutely right. I mean I think it's a very brave thing to do. And it will have a huge influence that he has said it. I've had a number of meetings with black church leaders who make the same point. They are concerned about family breakdown and social breakdown, and want to see what I call a responsibility revolution take place."

tBg is very pleased to see a new hugely influential black figure on the political scene, and hopes more black issues can now be addressed without accusations of racism being thrown about.