The Obama lands.

After jet setting across the planet, Barack Obama has landed in Europe, on the last stretch of his tour. tBg would usually begin to moan at this point about carbon footprints, but something more important is happening here.

Obama was in Jordan yesterday talking wars, sand and oil. In his speech he mentioned a few of his foreign policy points:

- Deliberate phased withdrawal is best for security.
- All combat brigades out of Iraq by 2010.
- Increase troop numbers in Afghanistan.
- Consider combat on the Pakistani border.

This slick, center-left, all encompassing corporate brand is about to get some great PR moments. Obama will address an open air crowd in Berlin today, much like JFK did all those years ago. Fox News are reporting that between 100,000 - 1 million people are expected to attend. Who knows what will happen to the polls in the U.S when/if that German crowd begin chanting, "Yes We Can". tBg thinks it could leave McCain dead in the water.

tBg UPDATE 14:50.

Source: BBC.